About Robin

With every pregnancy and birth, the woman walks her own path, the past, the present and the future come together in the moment. As a doula, I have made my own journey to where I am today. I am Robin Schulz, born (1991) in Amsterdam, worked as an interior stylist, yoga teacher and now mainly as a natural maternity nurse and doula. My doula journey started the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child, at that moment my life was anything but stable and I decided with a lot of pain in my heart to abort the pregnancy. But just where something comes to an end, something else also starts to bloom. It felt to me like the universe had another idea for me, suddenly women close to me got pregnant. And the babies flew around my ears! The Bia doula training came my way and all puzzle pieces fell into place. I had to follow my heart and support other women in their choices during pregnancy and childbirth. Every woman starts motherhood in a different way and that's the best thing about being a doula. Watching a woman / couple grow in a loving and safe way during the birth of their baby.

  • educations

    Basic - Natural maternity care
    Maternity nurse - ROC van Amsterdam

    Mum and baby yoga - Arhanta yoga

    Yoni steam - Udemy
    Pregnancy Massage - Bia Doula Training
    Baby yoga & massage - Jip & Jan academy
    Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga - Bliss Baby Yoga
    Basic babywearing consultant - Massage academy
    Bengkung belly binding - Gentle beginnings
    Doula foundation & advanced training - Bia Doula Training
    Vinyasa yoga - The new yoga school

  • Training & Workshop

    Physiology and pathology in childbirth - Livis

    Early use of parturition assistance - EMB Training
    Herbal stamp massage - Wellness Academy

    Birth care in vulnerable situations - Pampers

    First Aid Child, incl. child and adults - Woman & Care
    Acute Obstetrics - TOV Obstetrics
    Hypnobirthing - Calm waves hypnobirthing
    First aid course - Drs Mama
    Pregnant Fit - bbb health boutique

  • Class

    Free Birth